CHRIS HOWLETT, Red & Yellow Composition 2012, 1-channel, High Definition Video, PAL, Stereo, Duration 1:30min.


Red & Yellow Composition, 2011

KICK OFF is a curated screen-based program, which offers a unique opportunity to integrate public art within the redevelopment of the new Stadium. It is rare for contemporary artists to create works on such a large and high profile scale and to connect with new audiences in their work. This is a unique opportunity to display new media works within a permanent context...continue>>


CHRIS HOWLETT, Human Vs. Human, QUT Billboard Project 2010.

Human Vs. Human, 2010

Human Vs. Human is a sliced and cropped image still from a video artwork which uses various autobiographical war veteran stories from online social networking sites and live recorded 3D game play from first person shooter games to create alternative narratives which subvert and intensify their original meaning. The video work inserts the real life personal narratives of soldiers into a virtual gaming world cut with pop music, in-game narratives and atmospheric sound tracks to create a disturbing, conflated look at the reality of warfare and its simulated double. The image that the viewer looks at, or passes by, is literally designed to look back at them and as a result is meant to intensify this two way viewing relationship…continue>>