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Selected Works


Alternate Reality Gaming Project

Yerevan City, Armenia, 2013

ARGARMENIA was a series of real-time gaming environments designed both within real and virtual environments that challenge players’ ability to problem solve, and develop their imaginations whilst…continue >>


Alternate Reality Gaming Presentation

Tumo – centre for creative technologies, Yerevan, 2013

The exhibition and the screening were a brief overview of the events that took place between players and game developers on the 8th, 14th and the 15th of December throughout Yerevan City. The games (ARG’s) developed by Tumo students were the culmination of three months…continue >>


New Dawn

Boxcopy, Brisbane, Australia, 2013

The first component to New Dawn is a multi–channel video work which conflates the online spectacle of real events with virtual gaming. How do we determine certainty or truth and remove doubt from the decisions we make about real–time and…continue >>


New Dawn

Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia, 2013

The second component to New Dawn is an ongoing series of sculptural works that have been in development since 2010. This new body of work will examine the mysterious nature of our reality by combining 3D printing technology software…continue >>



Arcade P.A.C.A., Aix en Provence, France, 2013

The word “glitch“ first appeared in spaceship programmes in the USA in 1962. A computer glitch is the failure of a system, usually containing a computing device, to complete its functions or to perform them properly…continue >>


The Oldest Computer in the World Discovered!

Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art, 2013

The final installment of the four ARG’s in Armenia began as a closing event for the first Yerevan Biennale staged at the Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art (NPAK). The ARG used the function…continue >>


The Balance Against Us

Contemporary Art Space South Australia, 2010

CACSA Projects 2010 #9 presents Vocal Thoughts curated by Peter McKay was an exhibition that focused on various forms of mental unrest, bringing to the fore exchanges that are largely left unspoken, or…continue >>


“Chris Howlett: In the not-too-distant future”

Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland, Australia, 2010

At the end of the first decade of the twenty–first century, contemporary culture appears increasingly seduced and absorbed by apocalyptic reveries. Scientists are…continue >>


International Video Art Festival, 2010

Archeology Museum, Varna, Bulgaria

The 4th edition of VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival took place in Varna between August 10th and August 18th, 2010 accompanying AUGUST IN ART International Biennial of Visual Arts….continue >>


Melbourne, Brisbane, 2006-2010

Online, Print, Identity, Branding, PR

“Christopher Howlett Enterprise: this is not art but design”, was a process driven work of conceptual art that began in 2005 and turned the artist’s art practice into a design business through the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) which is a self-employment…continue >>


“With SimCity the metropolis of glassy transparency becomes absolute – a vector to pure absence ” 1.

Metro Arts, Brisbane, 2009

In this installment of Flashbacks, Chris Howlett continues to examine the way in which meaning is derived from a multiplicity of places, spaces and texts. By making apparent how these complex discursive practices complicate what is meaningful and meaningless…continue >>


Seduction is Important1: Chris Howlett’s Weapons on the Wall.

Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 2005

The title of Chris Howlett’s ongoing series of exhibitions comes from the description of World War II propaganda posters as ‘Weapons on the Wall’3. This phrase indicates the extent to which such wars are not just about fighting the enemy, but also about waging a war for people’s hearts and minds. Support for a cause…continue >>


Blindside Artist Run Space

The Nicholas Building, Melbourne, 2006

One of the triggers for the work INOUT was a “Four Corners” documentary on an exclusive Christian fundamentalist sect called the Brethren which was recently televised on the Australian ABC channel…continue >>


ARC: Art & Design Biennial

Sherwood Room, Brisbane City Hall, 2005

Why the title Lingua Franca? The concept of lingua franca is of a shared language-but derived from different languages-and used as a medium for communication between individuals from different heritages or origins…continue >>


Flashbacks by Mark Webb

Balmoral Room, Brisbane City Hall, 2009

When thinking about how to address the complex political, social and aesthetic implications of Chris Howlett’s exhibitions, I had something of a flashback of my own and was drawn to revisit Andrew Feenberg’s Critical Theory of Technology (1991). As I recalled, this was…continue >>


Anywhere, CALARTS

Valencia & Los Angeles, California, 1999-2000

Hire Me Out place throughout Los Angeles and on campus at the California Institute of the Arts from 1999 till the end of 2000. The project sought to expand my ideas on authorship and the role of the Artist by…continue >>


Historical & Influences

Plöetz gallery, WhiteBox gallery, 1995-7

This selection of works from my years as a student and an artist, combine a number of different approaches to making art that all share common links in responding to Modernist Abstract Painting, The Body and Abject Art. Throughout Brisbane in the nineties, there was a heavy focus on Performance and Installation Art …continue >>