Archeology Museum courtyard, 5 AUG - 12 AUG, Varna, Bulgaria



The 4th edition of VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival took place in Varna between August 10th and August 18th, 2010 accompanying AUGUST IN ART International Biennial of Visual Arts.

During the festival 9-day duration, according to the VIDEOHOLICA 2010 motto 'KEEP THE ILLUSION ALIVE', various video selections and projects describing diverse concepts and interpretations of the term 'illusion' as a phenomenon discovered and studied with the techniques of video art will be screened and presented.

Metropolis at Videoholica 2010

VIDEOHOLICA 2010 main program, which includes over 150 video art works (selected from more than 500), part of which thematically divided into the selections 'East Asia', 'Dance' , 'BG', will be presented in a series of evening screenings in four different open-air places, such as the inner yard of the Varna Archaeology Museum, the back yard of the Varna Puppet Theatre, the Rakovina open-air stage and the outside space of Music Cafe LOOK.

An international jury composed by Vesselina Sarieva (cultural activist, Bulgaria), Dinu Li (artist, UK / China), Anthony Bannwart (artist, Switzerland), Yovo Panchev (curator and artist, Bulgaria), Kera Nagel (video performance artist, Germany), André Aspelmeier (video performance artist, Germany) and Alessandra Arno (video artist and curator, Italy) will debut at the festival choosing the VIDEOHOLICA 2010 Representative Selection.

In parallel with the evening screenings of the festival, daily presentations and screenings will be held at the Conference Hall of the Varna Observatory. A collection of single silent shots confined within duration of up to thirty seconds describing brief visual impacts captured from everyday surroundings and minimalist poetic documentary of an atmosphere under the construction 'Tempography' will be presented at Videoholica 2010 by the Swiss artist Anthony Bannwart. An exploration of a self-representation by the means of the video medium via more or less explicit staging, twelve emerging or well-know artists hailing from various cultural and geographical areas bring up the question of their relationship to creativity and the art world into the curatorial project 'Projection' by Hanna Alkema (France), Camille Lenglois (France) and Emile Ouroumov (Bulgaria / France).

Mixing eye-catching experimental audiovisual electronic art with dynamic distorted IDM grooves, the Hamburg based duo of Kera Nagel and André Aspelmeier - 'incite/' (Germany) will criss-cross art and club worlds, creating intense experiences for ears and eyes at Comics Club - Varna. Among the rest of VIDEOHOLICA 2010 program are the presentations of the films 'Threesome' and 'In Character' of the international art group 'Authentic Boys' (Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany), KIMUAK selection of Basque Short Films from San Sebastian (Spain), the artist Dinu Li (China / UK), and from the Bulgarian side - Open Arts Foundation (Plovdiv, Bulgaria).

VIDEOHOLICA 2010 was organized by VIDEOHOLICA Association (Varna, Bulgaria) with the support of Varna Municipality (Bulgaria), Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia (Zurich, Switzerland), Swiss Embassy in Bulgaria (Sofia, Bulgaria), Hamburg Municipality (Germany), August in Art Foundation (Varna, Bulgaria), Stalker Graphic Design Studio (Varna, Bulgaria), Archaeological Museum (Varna, Bulgaria), State Puppet Theater (Varna, Bulgaria), Observatory and Planetarium (Varna, Bulgaria), Music cafe LOOK (Varna, Bulgaria), Artin Vision (Varna, Bulgaria).