Artist Statement

My art practice utilizes interactive video, performance and sound art, site-specific sculpture, machinima, and painting to explore a number of fundamental questions around the way in which new technologies shift cultural and political understandings of our physical and psychological selves. Through combining 3D game play with interactive game mods, video projections, sound works and site-specific installations, my works activate an immersive space from which to critically and creatively consider how reality and simulated environments both construct and reconfigure our ideas about the nature of identity. By doing this, my work asks us to reflect on how we function as a society in response to these new spaces of interaction, how we might respond to the political dimensions of these expanded sites of inhabitation, and how they might also represent a more troubling scenario for the possibility of dissent or opposition in our media saturated culture.

Featured Article

Eyeline Article

Confronting Consensus: The Art and Politics of Christopher Howlett, written by Mark Webb & Mark Pennings

Issue 76, pg.38-47, 2012.

The restless Chris Howlett uses his art to energetically pursue a wide range of conceptually and politically focused projects in divergent mediums. He is in fact an exemplary multi-tasker in a post-medium world and …

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Brisbane, Australia

Featured Work

In these digital works, I explore the term “Influencer”. In the context of online, these are content creators who are Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, or Social Media Posters. These individuals’ have the power to affect the judgements of large groups of people and who regularly work with corporate interests to develop ideological messaging dressed up as self-interest. Their images are highly constructed, intra-personal saccharine, which are designed to connect the individual to their thoughts and emotions, but whose real objectives is to fetishize and sell, rather than spread information quickly for political aims.

Featured News

Inclusion in the 33rd European Media Arts Festival (EMAF) – First Person Plural

Osnabrück, Germany, 22 April 2020 – 30 May 2020

CONCEPT AND FESTIVAL MANAGEMENT Katrin Mundt, Hermann Noering, Alfred Rotert GUEST CURATORS: Inga Seidler (Exhibition), Isabel de Sena (Talks), Herb Shellenberger (Film Programme)

In contemporary media art, the “I” plays a prominent role: artists share their experiences, question their identity, address their relationship to the operating system of art, or explore individual and collective gestures of resistance and forms of self-organisation. At the same time,…

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Featured Exhibits

above: Desert Storm Logic, 2018-19, 1-3 channel synched, HD video (16:9), Stereo, PAL. Duration: 08:11mins. The Block, QUT, Brisbane, Australia.

New Statements was a new media exhibition that showcased an installation of interactive, screen-based Machinima and sculptural works developed from 2016-19. This PhD practice–led research project explored the operations of a ‘techno-stice’ that demonstrated digital technology’s capacity to generate dissensual space in the form of new subjectivities and ethico-political perspectives in contemporary art …

Featured Video

These videos are components from previous works which incorporate multiple approaches to installation, performance, sculpture and online environments. Please visit my portfolio below:

above: New Statements, 2016-19, Video Documentation, The Block, QUT, Brisbane, Australia.

This is video documentation from a solo show at The Block, QUT from 2016-19, New Statements. The documentation takes a closer look at the 3D printed works, closeups of various sculptural elements and sections from the numerous video works which culminated in the ending of my PhD …

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