XX1 Triennale International Exhibition, Milan, Italy.

CATALOGUE: 21 Century. Design After Design: GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY 21 Century, APRIL 4 – JULY 31, 2016

Since 1923, Triennale Milano has been one of world’s leading cultural institutions, conveying the complexities of the contemporary world in a host of artistic forms: design, architecture, and the visual, scenic, and performing arts. Its aim is to find broader, more innovative ways of thinking, bringing the experiences of different cultures and languages together in a single place and time. The catalogue publication can be accessed here…

XX1 Triennale International Exhibition, Milan, Italy.

INTERVIEW: 21 Century. Design After Design: GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY 21 Century, APRIL 4 – JULY 31, 2016

In this exclusive interview, Australian artist Chris Howlett descibes his fascination for ...

RealTime Arts Magazine

In Profile: Chris Howlett, ARGARMENIA by Christy Dena, 2014.

Chris Howlett was recently awarded the 2013 Jeremy Hynes Award (given out every two years through IMA to a Queensland experimental artist), with a particular nod given to ARGARMENIA (ARG). This alternate reality game, taking place in both real and virtual spaces, was...

Eyeline Review

Chris Howlett: New Dawn by Tim Walsh, Eyeline Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 80, pg.102-103, 2013.

Increasingly today our expectations and definition of freedom is being muddied with our need for greater accessibility and functionality; our passwords are remembered by Google, our plane tickets stored by Apple, our photos owned by Facebook...

Eyeline Article

Confronting Consensus: The Art and Politics of Christopher Howlett, written by Mark Webb & Mark Pennings, Issue 76, pg.38-47, 2012.

The restless Chris Howlett uses his art to energetically pursue a wide range of conceptually and politically focused projects in divergent mediums. He is in fact an exemplary multi-tasker in a post-medium world and ...


Interview with Mathias Jansson in Machinima! Theories. Practices. Dialoguesí by Bittanti, 2013

MATHIAS JANSSON art critic and poet based in Sweden, writes on game art and contemporary art. During the last decade we can see a closer connection between war, video games, art and political activism. The term “joystick war” is used to describe a new kind of warfare. Soldiers far away from war zones sit in safe office environments in front of monitors and continually steer drone flights with a joystick with which they can spy on or destroy the enemy. These virtual wars have previously been questioned by several artists such as Joseph Delappe, Harun Farocki and Wafaa Bilal. In many cases, these artists have combined footage from real wars with virtual wars (as video games) to question the ...

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